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Canticles and Cantrips

Rampaging Wordsmith

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15 December
External Services:
  • raynos@livejournal.com
Place: A writing journal, with little LJ memes popping up now and then.

Things that end up here: Observations, random scribblings, poems, recs, and other things.

Author: Raynos Kai, 3/4 insane and 1/4 random. Can be a sweetheart but will chew off your face if provoked. Also known to flood people with plot bunnies. Likes to hoard notebooks and postcards. For better or for worse her predominant fandom is still Bleach. Other fandoms may make guest appearances too. Lately has gotten addicted to real life.

Quotage: She's also not quite as much of a fandom lesbian. There is a wide streak of straight to her. Or, possibly, robots. I'm not sure which. -- tenebris

Real life: On my blog and f-locked posts.

Friending: Sure! But please introduce yourself, or I might not friend you back.

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